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Screw The Commute Podcast

Jan 7, 2019

I'm going to give you 30 public and professional speaking tips and today's training will actually be the audio copy of a webinar I did that got lots of great reviews. I'll have the link to the actual webinar in the show notes for this episode.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 073

Amazing Public Speaking -

Internet Marketing Training Center -

Higher Education Webinar –

01:29 Tom's introduction to 30 Speaking Tips

04:35 Why you should listen to Tom

10:08 Tip #1: Voice Care

11:03 Tip #2: Audio Visual Requirements

11:54 Tip #3: Ask audience members for funny stuff

13:08 Tip #4: You any special skills you have

14:06 Tip #5: Fake eye contact

15:17 Tip #6: How to be instantly more interesting

16:30 Tip #7: Attention gaining and keeping device

17:30 Tip #8: Don't step on your laughter

18:29 Tip #9: Live demonstrations

20:04 Tip #10: Prize giveaway techniques

21:24 Tip #11: Bumper car transitions

23:05 Tip #12: Referral fees

24:20 Tip #13: Memorable spectacles

26:10 Tip #14: Finding humor in the word "worst"

27:15 Tip #15: Funny headlines

28:44 Tip #16: Dueling flipcharts

29:46 Tip #17: Yes, you can turn your back to the audience

30:53 Tip #18: Educational materials available

32:16 Tip #19: Speak at fundraisers

33:21 Tip #20: Keeping you out of trouble

35:10 Tip #21: Do a room blackout

35:49 Tip #22: The benefits of handheld microphones

36:56 Tip #23: Sit in questionable seats

38:15 Tip #24: Speak the story and transcribe

39:21 Tip #25: Preplanned adlibs

40:38 Tip #26: Genius techniques

42:39 Tip #27: Check the riser

44:16 Tip #28: Audience gags

45:48 Tip #29: Whisper

47:01 Tip #30: Avoid outdoors if at all possible

49:47 Offers and deals

01:11:41 Bonus genius tips

01:18:22 Q & A

Entrepreneurial Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

Higher Education Webinar – It's the second webinar on the page:

Screw The Commute -

30 Speaking Tips webinar -

Amazing Public Speaking Membership -

Fundraiser webinar -

PowerPoint Stinks -

Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking -

Selfie Stupidity -

30 Worst Book Covers and Titles -

Copywriting901 -

Internet Marketing Training Center -

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