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Screw The Commute Podcast

Feb 6, 2019

Just back from a four week vacation, Dr. Sabrina Starling wants to inspire you to tap your potential. She runs her business only 25 hours per week, that's most weeks, and she's a single mom and author. Her latest in the How to Hire the Best series addresses the labor challenges in the construction industry. Although the whole series covers a lot of different hiring best practices.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 086

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03:57 Tom's introduction to Dr. Sabrina Starling

05:19 What Dr. Sabrina is doing now

09:43 Entrepreneurship with a tax refund

17:09 Transitioning into a hiring expert

23:48 Paying more does NOT mean a better person

28:13 A couple of tips on hiring good people

34:17 Screwed over in business (at least 15 times per year!)

36:38 Craziness being a psychologist

38:33 The best and worst about working for yourself

43:52 Sponsor message

45:50 A typical day for Dr. Sabrina and how she stays motivated

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"People brand themselves into the poor house, because they think they know what they're going after and what they want to be."

"Put good products and services out there and the marketplace will TELL you who you are, not what YOU think you want to be."

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